Affiliate Marketing and Branded Interactive Social Media

We are now seeking select brands, personalities, and digital agencies to collaborate on the launch of our new private social media platform.

What is ME? ME® is See it – Click it – Shop it! From any photo or video and even streaming TV.

ME in many ways:

    • Not a many-to-one design. [Meaning we can customize.]
    • No data is sold to third-parties, and in fact we only collect Views and Clicks and Referral URLs.
      [Sorry Mark, you won’t see me in front of Congress.]
    • No advertisements! The content is the advertisement.
    • ME is invite only.
    • We only work with high-end or niche brands.
    • We will be offering Interactive Shoppable TV. [Soon]
    • ME content can stay clickable when shared.
    • 100% Organic – No Bots – No Scripts – No fake likes or paid comments.
    • Unlimited Clicks!
    • Very high CTRs
    • Very low ACoS
    • 100% Managed
    • Social Media comments 🙂 and product reviews available.
    • Integrated WordPress Blog
    • Improved SEO
    • Roaming Shopping Cart
    • Costs starting at $100 per month for a fully managed site.
    • Managed affiliate opportunities.

and so much more…

Please reach out to our Sales Department for inquires.

Here is a teaser ME® video. Click on some of the dresses. Also note the power and flexibility of ME. The video is from YouTube, and running Interactive on this WordPress site, and is from the designer’s ME /Medeuh/ site Sophy G.

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